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Kemah Boardwalk Tower

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The 201ft tall Kemah Boardwalk Tower in Kemah, Texas (just south of Houston) was opened in 2004.

Designed by Ronald Bussink of Holland and built at Chance's manufacturing plant in Wichita, Kansas, the observation tower features an enclosed, 32-passenger rotating gondola, which gives guests a scenic, 5 minute air-conditioned ride with scenic views of Kemah, Galveston Bay, and Clear Lake.

The tower operates alongside several other Chance Morgan rides at the Boardwalk, including:

  • Aviator
  • Inverter
  • 36ft Carousel
  • C.P.Huntington train
  • Century Ferris Wheel
  • Balloon Ferris Wheel
  • Crazy Submarine
  • Pharaoh's Fury