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Texas Heroes Monument

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In Galveston, Texas, this 74-foot statue at the corner of Broadway and Rosenberg was dedicated on April 21, 1900, about 4 months before the Hurricane of 1900 devastated the island. The monument was a gift to the State of Texas by Galveston philanthropist Henry Rosenberg; the Sidney Sherman chapter of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas supervised its construction.

This picture shows the top of the statue: a 22-foot bronze figure of "Victory" holding a laurel crown. She is gesturing in the direction of the San Jacinto Battlefield and the San Jacinto Monument, to honor those who fought and died in the Battle of San Jacinto to win Texas Independence from Mexico.

Seated at the base of this monument (out of view in this image) are Defiance and Peace, facing east and west. Facing north and south are the heroes of Texas independence, Sam Houston and Steven F. Austin.